A fashion accessory / lifestyle brand offering a product that is applicable to every day life in the present and post-pandemic world.

Photography: @itscatherineong
Videography: @1383productions


Logo Design, Print,
Social Media Assets







Alex and Emma were one of the few trend setters making sure people were not only fashion forward during the pandemic but also safe! A unique product that was born through the need to adapt to current times - not just trends.

Clippe brought forth an opportunity to bring colour and joy to a general population that has been adapting to a new essential item that falls into the same category as their wallet, phone and keys - a mask. How do you make sure you don't leave home without it? You Clippe it. Through the development of a colourful brand identity paired with lifestyle photography and videography- this project allowed consumers to see this new reality as an opportunity to add a new "successory" to their look.


Never leave home without it

A talented female duo behind the name and a number of talents behind the team that realized this whole project. Catherine Ong Photography and 1383 Productions to credit the beautiful images and videos! I was jazzed to be apart of this creative team and to build the brand identity for this unique product.