Charlie the Bacon Guy

A premium artisanal bacon brand offering a variety of bacon related products based out of Illinois.


Branding Identity,
Social Media, Merch, Taste Tester


Charlie the Bacon Guy





Not often I get to work on some tasty projects - and when I say tasty - I MEAN TASTY! Charlie the Bacon Guy is a one man bacon brand based out of Woodridge, Illinois. Charlie and I go all the way back to high school in Massachusetts. He got into the culinary arts and I always told him I would love to work with him one day.

The time came where Charlie's love of bacon finally started turning into a business so we finally got to work! With Charlie's knowledge of the product and the industry - we created something unique, fresh and relatable. What started as a simple logo began to take on a life of its own through the development of stickers, labels, t-shirts and other various products. This not only helped promote Charlie's business but it started to grow a following and establish a community around his brand and product.


Makin' Bacon


It was such a thrill to see Charlie in his element - makin' bacon and marketing himself in new ways in part thanks to the inclusion of an establish brand and hard work. It was one of those projects that shows just how much of a difference a strong identity can do to help a business evolve and since then - Charlie has grown his business astronomically! Charlies product is available for purchase so go check him out at @charliethebaconguy and support the guy!