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A small private wine import business that was created during the early months of the pandemic bringing someones passion and love for wine.


Branding Identity, Merch





Image by John Murzaku


I've known Jon from Brommelier for a number of years now. He's one heck of a character with one heck of a nose for wine. I will always be amazed by Jon's ability to recall all his patrons favourite bottles.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Jon had to close his restaurant. Being Jon - his gears always turning - it didn't take him long to figure out a way to not only stay busy during the pandemic but also connected and in service to his valued clients. After one conversation - the Brommelier visual identity was born. We created printed assets, digital assets as well as merch - supporting multiple local businesses in the process.

Cool Wines Bro

In the famous words of Homer J. Simpson ... "Do it for her." He's doing that and more. Give Jon a follow on Instagram at @brommerliermtl